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August 2013



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Aug. 20th, 2013

When Gravity Strikes Between Scientists’ Collaboration

She started to have a short audible range towards love songs
She catabolises every word in the music
It has been a long time that she was like this
It is always love that she won’t pick

She can now easily activate the rods inside her eyes
She paints everything in rainbow
It has been a long time that she was like this
It is always black and white, colours of sorrow

He is a foreign body
He is new in the atmosphere
It was a short time that this happened
Often this situation would outcome fear

He is a quintessence of spontaneity
He is oblivion towards any matter
It was a short time that he adjusted
Often this situation would outcome disaster

They started to bond
They were surprisingly amalgamable
They radiate spectrum of colours
They chelate opposite things they have

Applying scientific method
Therefore it can be concluded
Ionic or covalent
Enjoyment is the key for them not to part

Jun. 5th, 2013


Old messages, pictures and everything about it; it feels like being half choked, half unknown.

Days have passed. You ignore everything, everyday. You get used to the bad feeling. You feel nothing.

Then something pops up, a memory of conversation, saying good things and bad things as well. It was the most perfect moment of all times. It was the most awaited moment, it was held so tight -- and was suddenly let go.

Old messages, pictures and everything about it; it feels like being half choked, half unknown.

Days have passed. You ignore everything, everyday. You get used to the bad feeling. You feel nothing. It's a lie. You felt a knife deeply struck within. All this time you thought it was nothing but you are badly bleeding inside.

Days have passed. You ignore everything, everyday. You get used to the bad feeling. You died without knowing it.

Apr. 22nd, 2011

An Important Lesson: A Must Read for Students who don't care and didn't care.by Mary Michelle Guinto

People, who are blessed to have better education, are the ones who take this great opportunity for granted. I will be a hypocrite if I will not admit that I did that. Most of us(and the people I know) did not do our very best when we had that great chance.

When I was young, as long as I know that I will pass, even if it is a mediocre mark, it will be always fine with me.

I am now watching a documentary about children who are near to sacrificing everything -- just to have education. These students study in Philippines' public school, and to inform everyone -- the set up of public school here is very far from the public schools of America or other well off countries.

There is one school in Southern Leyte named, Sindangan Elementary School, topped the National Achievement Test last 2006. Imagine, it's them who got on top. Looking at the school, facility wise, --- it's very far from the private school I was in here in Manila. I was struck by this fact. It's the reason why I am writing this blog.

I was never a good student back then. I never tried to put my best foot forward when it comes to my studies. I had the opportunity to finish my Primary and Secondary education in a good private school (San Beda College Alabang), and had my degree in one of the top universities of this country -- De La Salle University - Manila. I tell you guys (especially for students now), when you grow up and you did what I did -- it will be impossible for you to not to feel sorry.

Now that I am working(I am now a teacher and maybe my teachers before would be surprised that I became one!), I always remember those times, and I always tell myself SAYANG! (It's a waste!) I should have been the one who topped something, I should have been the one who got that medal and so on and so forth.

Going back to the children from Sindangan Elementary School, these children never had the opportunity to touch keyboards of High-tech computers, read and learn from high end books, never experienced the comfort and good quality of education I had -- but they have experienced being top of the class, received medals in front of the whole school and making their parents so proud of them. (I got a little sensation in my heart when I typed this!)

To students out there and to the future students that I will handle; never ever waste the good quality of education that you will have. It is for you and yours only. Every school day that you would go in, you should always think that it is always a good opportunity in your life that you should never miss. :)

Apr. 21st, 2011

Writer's Block: Better than leftovers

If you had to eat the same thing for dinner every night for the next year, what would you choose?

Japanese seafood curry rice!

Apr. 18th, 2011

Writer's Block: Born to do it

What is your idea of the perfect job? Do you think you'll ever get it?

The perfect job for me is to be immersed in an environment which we share our knowledge about Science! and I got it I am a biology teacher! :D

Biology rhymes with the word HAPPY by Mary Michelle Guinto

Biology, it's a subject which deals about all life forms here on earth. It's quite surprising that I love this subject because I think for most people, my favorite subject is recess time.

I remembered when I was a Grade 5 student, there was a small book I found in San Beda College Alabang's (formerly Benedictine Abbey School at that time) library. It was a Biology book. I took a time to look upon it, and I didn't realize I was consistently borrowing it from our library. I also remembered, I was the only one borrowing it because the borrower's card was full of my name. (so I took the chances of others to love this subject hahaha!)

When I look back at my grade school yearbook, I wrote there that I wanted to be a biologist and I think at that age, I was the only one thinking that way. (I have a genetic imprint of nerdiness!)

Then, high school came, I did not have a hard time understanding our high school biology maybe because of that small book or my true love (but I didn't realize it that time) for the subject.

Luckily, St.Benedict College (they changed their name that time) segregates students according to their skills in 3 groups -- medical science, physical science and liacom (i forgot what liacom means though i am sure it's the business and arts side). I had my fair share of nerdiness because I belonged to the medical science section. I did not even feel I was studying some advance subjects that time, because I was enjoying it. Microscope slide making and leaf skeletonizing from Miss Julian's (I don't know if that's still her last name) class of Biotechnology.

Then, a time came, where in I got addicted to watching late night news documentaries which changed my likeness to Biology. I thought at that time, I wanted to be a broadcast journalist. It was emphasized when my teacher in Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology, Dr.Sison talked to me in private and told me "You are a bad influence to Marc(my close friend who always aced her exams)." The reason behind that was, there was a quite misunderstanding when I told a Science Teacher that I had no time for Dr.Sison's class, what I meant was -- literally, I did not have the time to finish her exam because before half of the hour was exam for accounting and half for her class, and I am stupid in accounting. After that, I gave her a 96% grade for the next exam so I would not be accused of such matter. Also, it affected my love for the subject.

I graduated and took my college entrance exams in several universities. I always fail in AB courses. The only that I passed was the BS courses I took. I got lost in life until my Biology teacher-friend, Mr.Raga (he was not my teacher) told me "You are one of us." (that time that was a popular tag line from Pepsi Cola "are you one of us").

I decided to pursue B.S. Biology and I truly enjoyed it. It will not reflect on my grades because I was so happy go lucky person at that time but I am sure to myself that I have mastered that course because of LOVE for it. I thought I was going to be a medical doctor but because of too much love for Biology and I met a professor, Dr.Al Licuanan, who has the equivalence of the passion I have (though he has it for Coral Research). He contributed that much in keeping the fire within me to burn for this subject. BIG THANKS TO HIM!

I again, got lost in life, but Biology -- you will always be my guide. Now that I have reached my goal in becoming a teacher of Biology in Southville International School and Colleges (thank you for choosing me!). I pledge to do my very best to impart the knowledge I have, improve myself in learning more about it and of course, serve as a coal for students to also have that burning passion towards it as I have. :)
It's a giant step for my future and a big change in my life. I regained myself back and I must say, I may defy grammar but Biology really rhymes with happy! :D

One week at Southville International School and Colleges: A Reflection Paper

The moment I set my foot in Southville, the one thought that I kept in mind was “This time, I will be good. I will not pour my heart’s content into every problem that I will encounter and I will stick to whatever they have here.”
When the training started, it’s quite amazing that as of now, I must say I don’t have anything to pour out from my heart. This school has well established goals and values. I said inside my head; “I will not have any problems here.”
The first week of my training was basically about the whole school. At first, I wondered why it should be an intense one week training; at the end I understood why.
All of us came from different cultures and places, as what I learned from the training, if each of us would follow our own standards basing on our own cultures – the school or any place we are would not prosper. Each and everyone should follow one standard to reach one goal. This is a very good lesson that I would want to be emphasized more. Why? – Basically, all of us wanted to be successful and I truly believe for that to happen, everyone should have one goal.
Adding to the topic of being success, I also think that for someone to be successful, he should know his way on to being one. I learned from our training that, SISC have sets of standard into rating people’s performance. Connecting it to my idea of being successful, the KRA serves as a path of success for people to walk into. It also serves an inspiration for me to do all my best in this institution.
What is a major part of success? – it’s discipline. I always envision a workplace, particularly a school, to have strict disciplinary policies, and there I have it. Southville’s disciplinary policies are quite strict. Why do I always envision that? – Being strict is good for every individual. It makes them not to follow, but to reflect on their own actions. It teaches a person to know what is bad or good. I believe that rules are made not to hold onto people’s freedom but to enjoy it. Some people may not understand this perspective of mine, but I will reiterate that rules are made for people and not against them. It’s the common good that everyone should follow.
Putting all the ideas together, in one week, I saw how SISC works – the system of it. Now I truly understand why it wad a whole-week training. As what I learned from good business men before – “Everything should start from the basics and if you get lost along the way, go back to it.” I think for the coming trainings, up to the point I will start teaching, the lessons I got from here would be there and I should be adhering to it.
I would like to end this paper describing the whole week by this:
“It’s like a taste – test for every aspect of the school and making sure that people would be prepared and enjoying what’s on the school’s vast menu.”

Dec. 31st, 2010

The Right Mistake

As I'm typing this now, I'm really crying...

I read something on FB a couple of minutes ago, since it's FB, I will not deny it's from a "friend" of mine.

I will not elaborate what the blog post is about, but I will borrow and alter the lines he put in there:

" I don't want to be perfect, I just want to be right "

Suddenly, I felt a big pound of pain physically in my chest. I started to burst in tears, ran like a crazy chicken to my door and locked it. I was crying and crying and up to now while typing this, my tears just won't stop.

All my life, I don't want to say that I lived in a perfect state, but as much as possible, I always set my standards and it should not be broken. I hate mistakes, especially if it will be done by me. I am a perfectionist. I can't allow something wrong to happen in my life. I live in a box, not because I'm afraid to get out of it, but -- it's just me.

Friends told me, I have a heart of stone, which in a comedic manner, I always answer "I'm heartless~~". It's just because, it's me -- I always wanted to be ruled by my brain because I always think it's the right thing to do.

Way back, when I was 19 years old, I met someone. I must say, he astounded me with his antics and made me admire him in a very short span of time. I didn't know that in the future (talking about now) he would turn my life upside down.

He made me see through things I've been missing out in my life -- which is making a mistake. I learned to understand things and accept things like;

"There are some things that you just can't explain"
"Sometimes you needed to get loose, it gives someone a good feeling"
"Impossible things happen"
"Don't think too much"

and many more. More and more things that clouded up the "MM's idea of living inside the box is just ME." Usually if things don't fit in my rules of life, I omit it without thinking twice.

He was the right mistake that I made in my life. I needed to omit him but I can't, maybe because:

"Impossible things really do happen, some things can't really be explained and one point in my life I need to get loose because I need to stop thinking too much for me (-- once in my life) to feel that "good feeling".

Aug. 12th, 2010


Will we have changes?
We're in one place but with ranges
Everything seems to be easy
Each one looks very busy

We can't do it, stop be quiet!
Perhaps, it's not the time yet
Our brains will always do the "thinking"
But why our eyes for "conversing"?

Near yet very far
Little space but with a bar
Both in the same world
Yet each path, probably will not be in the same whirl

-- moonlight*>)

May. 21st, 2010


It's always freestyling, that's how I know
Expressing me, is like using arrow and bow
Let me say it by this
Forgive me if I am such a piss

I miss the way before
I miss everything not because of bore
Everything was free flowing, all of it was true
My world suddenly stopped moving, black had a hue

I believed in miracles, I believed in magic
My strong walls came down very quick
I am not alone, I don't need company
I can't continue now, I'm so sorry

Still, I can't say what I wanted to say
I'm afraid this might make you go away
I just wanted to say, "please don't sway"
I wanted to utter these words "please just stay"

-- moonlight*>)

Mar. 8th, 2010

Shh.. Quiet.. Who is who? Are they in L--- wait? :p

WHO 1: i`m sorry if i make you suffer by not being online that much as i used to...but now i have other responsibilities...i got bills to pay...going to school next week and i work 10/11 hours per day

WHO 2: it's ok, please don't say sorry, is it ok for me to cry?.. but don't hit me in the head ok?..

WHO 1: silly girl i`m sorry if i make you suffer so much... i love you :*

WHO 2: no it's ok.. i love you too..

WHO 1: don't cry, be strong ok?

WHO 2: now i'm really crying..

WHO 1: pansy

WHO 2: I can't since I've admitted to you everything

WHO 1: I'd hug you if i could..

WHO 2: you really make me weak, i'm sorry if i always cry

WHO 1: what can i do...you`re mature enough to know i have no material possibility to change that...if i could i`d take a plane right now and get you here with me

WHO 2: I dunno.. just let me.. cry? now i'm laughing when i said that :p

WHO 1: awww kisses :*

Feb. 4th, 2010

Some Lessons from the books being judged

“DON’T YOU DARE JUDGE BOOKS BY THEIR COVERS – you could miss one half of your lives by doing that.” a revised version of an old saying by MM Guinto


1)Don’t assume too much especially if you don’t know the person.

a.Josh: “Ni Hao Ma!”
Korean Classmate of him: ”I’m a Korean”

b.Josh: “Sushi! Sashimi! Ogenki Desuka?! “
Japanese Classmate: “I can speak English” -_-‘

2)Saying to everyone that you are a gangster is not cool at all especially when you say it every 3 minutes of your life.

a.Gangster Classmate: “I’m a gangster!!!”
After 3 minutes
Gangster Classmate: “I’m a gangster!!!”
After 3 minutes
Gangster Classmate: “I’m a gangster!!!”
Josh: “OK! I know! I know! So just shut the f**k up!”

3)Don’t give something if it does not come from the heart.

a.Josh: “Of course, if you give something it should be coming from the heart not
because you are making SUHOL”


1)Ready a good and believable lie when you have bruises and/or wounds especially when it came from a FUNNY accident and you have a person like me around.

a.Teacher John: “Joseph what happened to your arm??”
Joseph:(with matching flipping of head and showing a boastful face as if his bruises
came from a fight) “Nothing.”
MM: “Teacher John! Do you want to know where it came from??”
Joseph: (looked in my direction and his face became funny)

2)Saying “tchsh” diverts attention and escapes you from mockery you could get from people.

a.MM: (Babbling scrupulous jokes to Joseph)
Joseph: “tchsh”
MM: Hahaha!! “tchsh!” “tchsh!” hahaha!!!

3) An only child will be an only child. We are brats and we will always remain like that – but we have confident brains to face almost any question the world will ask (“only child-s” are usually smart!) and we will always have a heart for people very dear to us.

a.MM&Joseph: *Apir!*

Joseph is very good in Math he even teaches me (and beats me when I don’t want to try solving it haha!) and his English is doing well (I just have to squeeze it out from him :p). Josh is Top 1 in his Biology Class (Josh who’s your academy teacher in Biology? Hahaha!) and he is aiming to be an engineer someday!
My day would not be complete if I don’t see them. Believe me hahaha :p (and again I hate to admit that but it is true.)

Lesson not for me but for EVERYONE ELSE:

I wanted to give emphasis on this;

“DON’T YOU DARE JUDGE BOOKS BY THEIR COVERS – you could miss one half of your lives doing that.”

Jan. 30th, 2010

I am serious when I said "Get your book and let's start!"

“Teaching is my passion” – that is one of the many things I would not forget from my former chemistry professor.

I am not good in chemistry. That is the second subject to Math that I really suck. Though, after I had class with this professor of mine when I was still university student, not only in chemistry I have improved, but it drastically changed my point of view in this subject.
I remember my professor; he is not the normal one. He is the type that I could not even imagine how he has become a professor. I can’t put into simple words how playful he was, and I think he still is now. When we talk to each other the topics are so crazy! Like, talking ill about other professors (they deserve it, they really suck!), saying bad words to each other just to emphasize each stupidity when something stupid happens (and we really mean those words!), and forgetting that we have a boundary; me, being his student and him, being my professor.

Even if we are like that or in other words, he is like that, I never lose my respect to him. As a matter of fact, I really look up to him.

Look at me now. I am now a teacher in an academy. I think I looked up to my professor too much that’s why I left everything and chose this job. (And what I said was a joke.)

I think almost all people still can’t believe that I chose to be a teacher. It could be not in a normal school but still, I am teaching people. I think I’ve found what I really want in my life now. Of the many jobs I have experienced, this is the one that I felt not only happiness, but what everyone looks for, fulfillment. Going back to the very old me, the low self esteem and not so confident me, I could say I can’t even imagine myself to be where I am now. I remember before I don’t even want to share my ideas to anyone because I always feel that it might be wrong.

I’ve really changed a lot. I became more confident. I am now fond of sharing my ideas to everyone, especially if I know that it would really be a big help. I think this teaching job, even if the time duration is short, made me realized a lot of things.

I maybe always playing too much with my students to the point I get bruises, but that is just because I want them to learn respect. Respect, not because I am strict. Respect, not because I am their teacher and they are obliged to do that. Respect, because we are all in the same level, everyone deserves to be respected.

I maybe too much forgiving to the point I don’t put cross marks in their wrong answers, but that is because I want them to learn. Learn, not only by memorizing. Learn, not only by guessing the right answer in a multiple choice type of question. Learn, by knowing what mistakes they have done. I believe that when I don’t murder their books with red cross marks from my pen and ask them to pinpoint what is wrong with their answers, it’s on a higher probability that they would not do the same mistakes again. (Or else I would bluntly tell them “What the hell??”, “Are you stupid?”, “Use your brain!” – but that would only be applicable to older students.)

I maybe too much of a “not normal” teacher in their eyes, but I make it sure that at the end of the day, there is something new and sensible that they have learned.
Going back to my professor, I think I have adapted his teaching style, also, considering the fact that I have an innate personality of being crazy. I now understand why my professor is like that. It is because a real teacher is not only made to teach students, but to mold them -- not only academically, but holistically.

See? This is quite a big realization. I’ve really changed. I am becoming mature. Is this me? Hello? Are you really me?

Dec. 25th, 2009

Testing again


The Pictures inside the Album entitled: "moving on.."

"Siguro nga, mahirap sa isang taong nagmahal, tapos bigla siyang iniwan sa hindi alam na kadahilanan ng mahal niya -- tapos bigla niyang makikita sa facebook/multiply/friendster(may nagfre-friendster pa ba??) na -- may ka labteam ng iba."

Yan ang minessage ko kay Hershey sa YM tapos ang sumagot si Tito Lar dahil tulog na daw si Hershey hahaha!! Kadire!

Anyway, mabalik tayo dyan. Bakit ko nga ba sinabi kay Hershey to. May tinitignan kasi akong mga pictures eh -- pero hindi kay Rommel at Ross please lang kadire naman kahit kailan hindi ako napa-drama dun. Ex ko pala yan dun sa mga hindi nakakaalam.

Ayun, basta secret kung kaninong pictures yung tinignan ko. Nahabag naman yung puso ko nung nakita ko yun. Hahaha! Kasi alam ko na nagmahal ng sobra yung tao na to. Tapos yun nga makikita niya na may lab team pang iba sa facebook. Talaga yang FB -- pasaket hahaha!

Pero nga lihis man ako ng lihis sa topic, ibalik ulit natin dun. Mahirap nga siguro. Ako kasi, honestly, di ako maka-relate. Lumaki akong makasarili kaya buti nung niloko ako nung ex ko, oo pinaiyak niya ako pero nung nakita ko sa multiply (old school) na may iba siya pala. Aba aba -- tumigil na akong umiyak. Sira ulong yun, sinisi ba naman ako sa lahat yun pala may babae! Sayang kung sinabi niya sa akin agad e di sana hindi na ako umiyak hahaha! See makasarili talaga ako.

TEKA NGA! Babalik talaga ako dun sa topic. Ito na talaga. Ayun, siguro napakasakit nga na malaman mong yung pinakamamahal mong bf/gf ay may iba. Siguro, parang heart pounding experience. Isipin mo minahal mo yun ng sobra, o kaya andun ka sa point na talagang binigay mo ang best mo sa kanya o kaya, yung buong buhay mo, kalahati or ang buo ay siya. Siya. Yung siya na talaga yung inisip mong makasama palagi "HABAAAMBUHAAY"(fav expression ko pag nangaasar).

Nung nakita ko yung pictures na yun. Naisip ko, oo nga naman no, paano siya makaka-move on? Or generally, paano nga ba makaka-move on ang isang tao kung laging kahit saan siya tumingin e maalala niya? Totoo nga kayang kahit anong gawin nila mahirap tanggalin sa isip ang nakaraan?

Ganyan nga siguro kung yung hypothalamus(Apple wag kang kokontra na hypothalamus talaga hindi PUSO ok?) ang tinamaan sa tao. Emotions na ang usapan eh. Nakakabobo nga siguro talaga pag MAHAL mo. Siguro nga pag mahal mo, nawawala ang pagiging rational. Nawawala ang logic. Gusto ko man kontrahin lahat ng sinabi ko. Pero mukhang totoo e.

Lalo na siguro, paginiwan/iiwan/naglaho ng parang bula o basta related sa pagkawala ng mahal mo -- itutulak ka siguro nun sa pag gawa ng CRAZY STUFF. Katangahan -- except pag papakamatay dahil sa bf/gf kadire yun eh sagad pa sa tanga yun. Di makakain. Di makatulog. Nanakit ng iba. Nagiging player na. Basta yung normal nila, hindi na yun ang nagiging normal nila. Yung mga mababait nagiging masama. Yung mga masisiyahin, natutuong sumimangot.

Ang hirap pala ng pakiramdam. Naisip ko na lang, kung babalikan niyo (kung may nagbabasa neto talaga) yung sinulat kong "Distinction of homonyms and synonyms (If you want the real message read from below)" Tungkol sa pagiging bitter at better. Naniniwala akong hindi lang TIME would heal the wounds, kung hindi let others/doing something new -- would heal the wounds. May ibang effect din naman ang matinding break-up eh, magandang effect -- GROWTH.

Mas madami kang makikilala pang tao, let them enter -- enter-tain them hahaha!. Let your friends alleviate the pain, make your friendship stronger than ever -- the best pain reliever not available in a drugstore. May iba dyan, biglang nagiging successful sa career -- nakakapagpatayo ng kung ano anong establishments, nanalo ng motorsiklo sa raffle ng pasko at dumadami lalo ang pera, nagkakaroon ng isang damakmak na oppurtunities -- na hindi lang naman talaga nila napapansin noong in-love pa sila kasi ngiti pa lang ng ex nila satisfied na sila. PERO --

Yes. Alam kong iniisip niyo na hindi kayang tumbasan ng kahit ano yung pagmamahal na nagkaron kayo. Dun papasok ang TIME. Yung mga bagay na nabanggit ko, make them tools for moving on -- don't dwell on the break up too much -- pansinin mo naman yung ibang magagandang nangyayari sayo di ba? AT KUNG --

Nasanay kang may kausap sa gabi sa landline, may katext kada minuto -- e di makipagtext ka sa iba, makipagusap ka sa iba. I'm sure na may isang matinong tao pa rin na makikilala niyo -- makakausap niyo sa landline at makikipagtext sa inyo. Basta ba hindi niyo binubuhos dun sa taong dadating na yun yung depression niyo. Gawin niyo din siyang tool -- in a good manner ah!

Ayan. Makinig kayo sa akin. Dahil yan ang expertise ko, ang hindi magmahal ng ibang tao este -- ang magmahal ng sarili -- "Before you learn to love others, you must learn to love yourself." So Am I saying, that I am just preparing myself? maybe. hahaha :p

Good Luck sa inyo!

P.S. Dadating din ang araw na magkikita kayo ulit at masasabihan mo na siya ng "What's up??"(parang may tama eh hahaha!) ng walang kirot sa puso mo at alcohol sa utak mo hahaha!

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